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Installers of Fibreglass (GRP) and EPDM Rubber Roofs Systems


Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean, Ross on Wye

South Herefordshire & Malvern

GRP Products

Our most trusted products are shown below:

The premium grade roofing system supplied by RoofitAll is a fully plasticised resin designed to give you greater flexibility, ideal for larger roofs fitted with expansion joints.

Fibreglass roofs have become the alternative roofing material and have many advantages over existing roofing options. Traditional flat roofing, such as felt, are not designed to last and with most flat roofs, dealing with perished felt, splits and leaks are commonplace.

Fibretech only use the best quality Premium Fibreglass roofing range from RoofitAll which is a 2 part cold cure liquid system that is easy to lay and depending on external temperatures (which must be greater than five degrees centigrade), cures to the touch within an hour. The standard colour options are either light or dark grey; however there are many other colour options which can be selected from the Swiftcoat range (see available colours on below PDF document). All resins have a 25 year material guarantee.

(PDF — 295 KB)

Our Resins & Topcoats

Fibretech only use the best quality premium grade roofing top coat which is a fully plasticised, specially formulated top coat designed to be used with the RoofitAll premium resin system.

The premium Grade Topcoat is designed to give greater flexibility than our standard roofing topcoat. It is UV resistant and has excellent weathering properties and furthermore has a 25 year material guarantee.